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I'm a business owner
I want to get smarter about the Internet, but I want the real deal, not a bunch of "rah-rah" seminar hype. Are there any trainings out there that really deliver the goods?

I'm already pretty darn knowledgeable about Internet marketing
I have a lot of Internet marketing experience under my belt, but I also appreciate the value of learning new techniques and networking. Where can I go to get new, cutting edge information and be among fellow pros?

I'm a smart beginner trying to find my way
Most of the information I've seen about Internet marketing is either confusing, incomplete or so full of hype to be useless. Is there any organization that cuts through the smoke and mirrors and lays it all out in a simple, easy-to-follow system?

I'm an author, speaker and/or expert
I want to use the Internet to increase the size of my audience, but I don't know how. Where have other authors gotten help with their Internet marketing?

I'm an Internet marketing enthusiast
I've heard rumors that there's one seminar that's provided the foundation for many of today's Internet marketing experts. Is that really true?